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7/10/14 – SuperFit Competition this Saturday

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General Information

NameESC CrossFit Southend
OwnerStuart Brauer
Phone(704) 497-2691
Address1115 South Mint St.
Charlotte, NC 28203

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Uh... we are super jealous of Carlo meeting CrossFit legend @cspealler. Thanks for repping CrossFit Milpitas, Carlo!

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When it comes to improving in the sport of CrossFit, there is more than just the max weights or fastest times that you should be focusing on. There are at least three types of success – PRs, technique improvement, and consistency – and we should be celebrating all of them.

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CrossFit Iron Mary’s – CrossFitA.Deadlift (Work to a 10rm in 12m)+Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)AMRAP 30 @ aerobic effort 1k row 50 DU 1 min Plank (Any Variation)

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CrossFit Iron Mary’s – CrossFit EnduranceEndurance Team OFFSkillsHSPU kipping HSPU+Handstand Push-ups (1x max unbroken set)2 minute max effort record only your best UB set+Christine (Time)3 Rounds for time: 500m Row 12 Deadlifts, bodyweight 21 Box Jumps, 20″Endurance Team ONLY800 meter Long Intervals (5 Rounds for time)Run...

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Thursday 8.3.15 7:00- Build to a heavy Snatch Pull Double -2:00 to adjust weights- Three 2:00 Rounds to complete Sprint 200m 5 (1 Snatch + 1 OHS), 95/65 -1:00 Rest between rounds- Score total Reps Completed Rx+: 135/95 ------------------2:00 between WODs------------------ 7:00- Build to a heavy Clean Pull Double -2:00 to adjust weights- Three 2:00 Rounds to complete Sprint 200m 5 Full Clean + Jerk, 135/95 -1:00 Rest between- Score total Reps Completed Rx+:185/115

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9/3/15 WOD- Warmup: CF x 1, group shoulder warmup strength: push press 4 x 4 @ 80% metcon: tabata intervals (20 sec on, 10 sec off, 8 rounds total) of- kettlebell swings, sit ups, wall balls, double unders. Complete all intervals of one movement before moving on to the next. 16 min total. Post loads and reps to comments.

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"BACKYARD" FOR TIME: 50 - 40 - 30 WallBall 20#/14# 10'/9' 25 - 20 - 15 Burpee

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We're happy to announce that we now have a limited child care service! Member Shawna Norton will be present to watch and entertain your children on a pre-arranged basis. To be clear, she is offering this service to her fellow members who want the convenience of being able to train with their children at the gym- this is NOT a professional child care service and does NOT obviate parental responsibility. All arrangements/coordination/payment will be made directly with Shawna. To sign up for this service, simply go to the following link, fill in your contact info/sign the waiver, and start coordinating with Shawna! Coach L

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PRs galore! #crossfitkindred #crossfit #familyforged #oaktree #puttinginwork #gainz #beastmode

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5 block dinner. Salmon Brocollini Carrots Avocado Cucumbers #socalfitfoods #alisocrossfit

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We’ve all heard of the butt wink or tail tuck or any number of other names associated with the hips rolling under the body while performing the squat. It’s something that we always try to avoid, but inevitably it ends up plaguing us all at some point. So what is the “butt wink”? Essentially the butt wink is a flaw in one or several areas in your squat technique that when the individual squatting approaches the bottom of their squat the pelvis has a posterior rotation (hips roll back) and the neutral spine position has been lost and you go into mechanically disadvantaged position with the lumbar spine being overloaded. Still with me?

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The kettlebell swing is a fundamental movement in CrossFit as well as a fantastic way to build core strength for any sport. The ACF Coaches getting a kettlebell class from Coach Skip. #alisocrossfit #crossfit #kettlebell

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Jim has come s long way in his overhead position! #coronadocrossfit #coronadofitness #boom #booyah #jedi

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Thursday: “Randy” 75 Power Snatches 75#/55# Rest 5 minutes 100 Push ups

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Please visit:
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We are excited to announce that we are closing in on 200 members! Once we hit 200 athletes we will have a Huge cookout celebration to close out the summer! To help get us over the barrier we will give the 200th NEW member 3mos for free! If you are a current member who referred the new member you get the same!!! Who will it be? How far are we from 200?! What will DK be cooking?! So if you know anyone on the fence or looking for a change in training spread the word!!! 3.2.1 Go!

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#CrossFitBlackDiamond #CrossFit #crossfitcommunity #SoCal #NorthCounty #Oceanside #oside #OceansideGym #CA #California #SanDiego #SD #BetterThanYesterday #NeverStop #TrainLikeUGiveADamn #GeneralPhysicalPreparedness #GPP #gym #FUNctionalfitness #Fitness #Fit #pistols #pewpowpew #PistolRapidFire #USMC #SemperFidelis #SemperFi Zab & Meg @crossfitblackdiamond working pistols with box scaling modification. This technique allows the non-working foot to drag against the box for support. A light touch or push from the ground for assistance. Great strengthening exercise for pistols.

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August 2015 CrossFit PR's!

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Stay thirsty my friends! #buildafitcommunity

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ATTENTION SURF CITY: Volunteers are still needed for the Surf City Civil War on Saturday, Sept 19th! SIGN UP HERE-

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Follow us on Instagram.

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If you are brand new to CrossFit, the best way to start CrossFit is one-on-one with a coach. There are 9 fundamental movements, in CrossFit that you must learn in order to be safe, use the correct muscles and set yourself up for long term success. Here are the details:

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Check out all our CrossFit Proper Fit Food Spots!

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Are you attending the 2015 Kill Cliff Granite Games? If so, stop by the Invictus booth and say hi! We plan to bring some of our most popular Invictus gear with us - but we can't bring it all. If you plan on attending the Granite Games, we are now offering the option for you to buy your gear directly through our store, and then we'll bring it with us for you to pick up for FREE all weekend long. Just select "Pick up at 2015 Granite Games" for the shipping option when you order.

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The L-Sit is an Isometric hold (joint angles and muscle length do not change) that develops stability in your shoulders, abs and quads. It is a hard movement that takes quite a lot of strength and muscular awareness. The shoulders are your stabilizers that hold up your body. The abs assist in stabilizing the trunk and raising the legs. Lastly the quads are responsible for the leg extension. All of these parts of the body have to be firing in order execute a proper L-Sit. Luckily there is a progression, I borrowed this picture from Edgewater CrossFit, but I’ll explain each progression below.

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If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Intrepid Games, sign up here: If you don't sign up, we can't guarantee you a shirt! If you have registered for the Intrepid Games, make sure your shirt size is correct on competition corner. T-shirts for men and tanks for women.

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The gym will be open regular hours on Monday Sept 7th. WODS @ 6am, 7am, 12pm, 4,5,6,7pm. Open gym 6am-9pm.

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dinah published the post Acorn Squash Sausage Bowl on Nutrition WOD
Sometimes I just want dinner to be very simple, very easy, and very healthy. This was one of those...
dinah published the post Layered Fruit Popsicles on
The Crossfit Kids classes at Crossfit Countdown have been doing a great job this summer and I...
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Lift up Autism event on Saturday, September 19th! Sign up today and show your support for Autism Awareness!! It's our first charity event, and we wanna blow it up!! We're really excited to support a great cause! Some stats on Autism: -Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys, 1 in 189 Girls. -Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the U.S. -Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average -There is no medical detection or cure for autism The funds generated go to the Autism Tree Project Foundation (, The Autism Research Institute (, and the Doug Floutie Jr Foundation (

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Your burning question, answered. Thanks Men's Health.

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Most of us spend a good amount of time externally rotated in our hips. Pay attention the next time you sit at a desk, drive a car, or even walk. Where are you feet pointing? In this post are a few exercises that will help with the external rotation.

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Hey Team!! Three Important Schedule Items coming up! 1. This Friday, 9/4, we have one evening WOD at the beach at 5:30. Meet in front of Wonderland and look for Doug Field aka Duvey as your fearless leader. 2. Monday, 9/7 is Labor Day. We are going to have two WODs only: 8:30am and 12pm. 3. We are going to bring back Friday 6:30pm starting Friday, 9/11 now that Labor Day weekend will have passed. If we can average 4-5, it will stay on the schedule. :)

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Coach Willie keepin everyone steppn!!!

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L sits you say? No problem. #TrojanCrossfit #Gymnasty #Swolverine #LSitHolds #Crossfit #DTLA

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Muscles are cool. They look cool. They are useful. They are a representation of our handwork in the gym and diet outside of the gym. How they grow and work are even cooler though. We’re about to dive in to some anatomy and physiology but no worries, I’ll try to keep it KISS for you (Keep it simple stupid).

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TODAY we say Good Bye to Luc... Luc put in MAJOR work during his stay with us. I hope all of you had the opportunity to experience Luc's personality and sense of humor, I laughed hard EVERYTIME we were both in the gym. If you don't know Luc spent serious time working with Emery on fitness and a few sessions with Aush on flexibility and gymnastics with personal training. He made considerable gains because of his persistence and tenacity. Here are just some examples of his improvement from Jan-Aug **Some of these numbers are old and are lower than his current capability (sorry Luc) Luc started with VERY LIMITED Mobility, he couldn't Overhead Squat at all, his development is IMPRESSIVE! Bench Press From 115# To 185# Clean From 135# To 155# Squat From 200# To 215# Snatch From 75# To 95#+ F squat From 150# To 185# Sh press From 115# To 130# No Double Unders To 8:20 "Annie" AWESOME WORK Luc!!

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Get up and WORKOUT! Sleepy Kettlebell swings brought to your by Britanny M. She still got it done though! #buildafitcommunity || Athlete: @mama_tiko @barbellmissy7 @erika532

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New Saturday Schudule: 8:30am Partner WOD 9:30am Cancelled 10:00am Skills/Strength Class Please vote on the weekly skill we will practice and review thoroughly on here, choices are: A)Double Under B)Clean C)Kipping Toes2Bar/Pull Ups

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LOOKOUT for the movement standards video for Workout #2 (Volcanic PIstol) COMING SOON! CLICK HERE for more info-

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Good morning, just a heads up - parking is limited this morning. The parking lot is getting re-surfaced and it's the first Wednesday of the month so no parking on the Westbound side of Turquoise from 7:00am - 10:00am.

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